Boom Bip & Doseone - Dead Man's Teal Lyrics

Notice what happens when I place this tennis ball
Atop this little ramp i've got here
Two: The abacus and the hair
The abacus is dusty attic bound and leaning on the playroom wall
Beside it lies one hair; human's, kitten's, not the issue
Both were useful. *notice the emphasis on "were" there
Three: Dead man's knowhow, a fund's transfer
Chrysalis prime, diploma customer
The incubation period of circumstance gone
Emotion in a bottle, rephrase'o'matic
Two men on adjacent, yet so totally out of sight deserted islands
Wage a war of castaway irony
Floating battled cries for the h-word back and forth...
Absolutely no concept. oh look, a battle
Dust pan pick a color, any color
Dead man's teal, a coroner
The modern organism, retronym, a tent with holes in it
Poison puppy, see through dreams...