Brandon Alexanderr - 1 (Frequency) Lyrics

(No tradition)
(Hear me talk and they don't, listen)
An acquired love
Cause we fallen from
See me falling love
We could solve it they say
Something's wrong with you
I get tired of you
What we have to do
Get it through to you
I swear to god that they'll do anything just to have it their way
(What we have to do, get it through to you)
I swear to god that they'll do anything just to stay in their place
(What we have to do, get it through to you)
But they don't see it how we see it
Hold my hand let's decree it
[Verse 1]
Gotta test that weight
Test they weight
Meditate freely you see me
So we syncopate
We become our own genie
See Houdini knew the secrets
All the the powers in the flower
I just want to let you know
Indigo the world is ours
See it's ours
And we knew that
To be enlightened we pursue that
Made this beat barbecue that
(B, you changed bro)
Where the rude at
We the rudest
Not bout the click
Looking like clones no common sense
Cause that's common sense
And I ain't' made no commas since
Blue or red pill take your pick
And that's real
(And that's real)
(And that's, real)
(You know, everything in life is)
(How you like it)
[Verse 2]
I'm a alchemist so my reality is right
Talk about analysis panel of an ingenious strike
What you mean tonight
We gleaming bright
Send the beaming light
I know that sentimental reason might save your life
Homie I'm about saving lives
So I care about sharing mine
With the crystals
And the indigos
And the rainbows
So you talk about your pesos
But what is it that you stand for
No weight
No pay
You lack substance
It don't mean nothing
When your vibration
Just start tanking
And you need prana, you can lean on us
We here
Young is among
When we strung into one
We can do anything
Don't be scared when it come
No fear when your perspective
Is nothing but a reflection
Don't mind they acceptance
When it's coming from the next man
And we out
(We out)
(We out right now)
(Way out right now)
(Way out right now )
(Babygril we out)
(We out )
(We out right now)
(Way out right now)