Bred the Rapper - I'm Ready Lyrics

*Cough cough*
Yea *sniff*
Ooh, ya, ya, ya, ya
Aye, aye, aye
I just demolish these beats
I tear em I'm a beast
No one can beat me
I do it all get it for free
Make my beats write my own songs
Who can beat me?
You stealing beats, your flows are all weak
Career is deceased
Your shit is weak, mine is on fleek
I've said this before, but I haven't peaked
My confidence heavy, I'm fucking ready
To burn it all down
The voices are saying I'm ready
Yea ready like Freddy
Krueger no Ruger
I just shoot down all these losers
You pussies is broke
You look like a joke
Career ain't afloat
Can barely hold up a bar
You off beat every note
I'm on point like a pen
Drop a bag leave a pin
Go collect then I spend
Look at me countin the bands
Racks up go get your cash up
Tellin em keep up were playing catch up
Were playing catch up
I'm doing laps I'm tellin em keep up
I know I can beat them
Rappers too slow
Stay out of the heater, stay out of the heater
Got my ice in the freezer