Brother Bear - Tigerlilly Lyrics

With tight fists I'm letting go of artifacts
Jaded, misanthropic
With tired eyes I'm giving in to giving up
Painting horizons on this heavy heart
With broken arms I will try to lift you up
Shaking withered hope in ancient bones
I am lost inside kaleidoscope eyes
I am lost
I am gone
Sadness is a song and its covered in mud
And its hard to sing with this dirt in my lungs
Heavy breathing, I tried to keep you here with me
Shaking, I'm alone and I have hope
I am lost inside kaleidoscope eyes
Oh how hard I tried
I am gone
Send me to sea
Floating away, I can't breathe
Buried I memories, I am gone
All the sad things sing along
Through the bilge in their lungs
Sweeter than sugar
With a mouthful of blood
I am gone
I am a haunted home
You left me on my own
Its all I've ever known