Bryson The Sav - Sneaky Girl Lyrics

Got a drink in my cup nun much im just chillin lookin for a bitch to touch aye
Big fat booty in some overalls i walked up to her and i gaver a call aye my name
Bryson how you doin shawty she looked at me and she kept on walking
I was like damn why u mad she was like bitch im chillin im glad i
Was okay come to my place she said hell no get up out my face i was like god damn bitch u gotta a girlfriend
She was like no okay damn bitch do u gotta boyfriend she was like yea
And he walkin towards you looked over i said bitch gotta problem he said man u better get to
Walkin i was like who tf u talking to he was like you naw nigga u did fucked up now ima punch u in yo face put yo
Head in the clouds u better watch yo mouth when u talkin to me ima punch u in the face ima fuck up your teeth i gotta
Back back full of black gads u can have that aiming at yo face then im aiming at your snapback have u fucked up on the floor
U a coward i give a fuck bith ye im devoured like i just finessed yo girlfriend and it taste so good and it taste soo good