Caskey - Cosmosis Lyrics

Transdimensional beings, I wanna be em
I wanna see em!
Two ounces of psilocybin lets call it my per diem
My pics they getting liked up by your BM
I hope you see em
She been praying for the D can't get the DM
Its 10 PM
Your favorite rapper just copped another new chain
I pray it free him
I just hit me like 2 stains and I'm on my way to the VMAs
On my A game why would I B 'em?
I 23 em like Jordan with the cool jumpshot
Ooo eee 'em
I Bruce Lee 'em
Striving to be like water I'm inside the hypogeum
So much ancient texts down here I'm 'bout to start a museum
Treat the track like it's work so I new key 'em
If an alien were to come down and take rapper form would you recognize when you see him?
Would you recognize when you see 'em? (x3)
(The possibility of life elsewhere is not only probable… but some say it is there without a doubt)
[Verse 2]
Tantric sex with my muse fuckin her throat chakra
Waitin for me to cut her loose you better off takin' up ghost watchin'
Yonka Boi my brother dumb with the stick
Call that the slow chopper
We ride around on them gold things and they so proper
My homie Bear, he the snow dropper
Patient after patient he the blow doctor
Money been on the rise like it’s a door stopper
Beefin' with some crip, he said that he a pussy ass BK and ain't got no whopper
I told him look at this money dawg. We them gold watchers
Barely paid they just floor moppers!
De La Hoya my whole click they done sold Oscars
Never fucked with no Armstrong
We ain't no coppers
4 boppers on either side of my arm I heard that they're slow toppers
Only reason they fuckin' with my team now tho cuz we show stoppers
[Verse 3]
Bet. Reading into the seed of life
Humble since the get go
I could never live a conceded life
Tryna enter the winners circle like you boy you gone need advice
Never enter this gun fight with a switch blade
They’ll see the knife
And let shots from the 45 rang!
I'm cooled out smoking weed at night
You count the bread from the days work and then eat it right
The first time you got a zip of coke looked at your dawg like
“I ain't sure it should be that white…”
They hit your ass for a zip of flour
You a snitch, a coward and don't lead that life
I'm seeing into my third eye
Don’t use it to read or write
I tap into the universe and then see the light
Bill Maher saw me backstage at a show after he seen the hype and said
“Thanks Cas for the revelation I finally know what Jesus like”