Casper Sun - Caesar (Ft. Sunday) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Casper Sun]
I ride with the baddest round town
Sippin’ on this Henny
Make me move my body all around
Ass out, hanging out
With the baddest bitch now
With her tongue out
She gon make that booty drop down
Ass on the grass with the ghetto boy pass
Learning forgettable lessons in the haze of the gas
Yellow boy, catch my silhouette, up in convoy
I’ve been posted up for days, but girl
I’m a gone boy
Veni vidi vici
I’m just tryna stack a milli
To the ceiling
You just gotta tell me baby
If you feel me
Spraying kerosene on all the scenery
I’m dreaming vividly
I keep my shit on deck
Fuck em broke dudes that ain’t feelin’ me
[Verse 2: Casper Sun]
Crunk off of jäger
And the beer die’s for the däger
Go and take more see you later
I’d be sleeping on the paper
Or on the mattress with an actress
With a thick bitch for the status
And the young life is so lavish
Getting crossed like we’re on lattice
Fucked around with baby mamas
Trying to fuck this primadonna
Marijuana do you wanna
Getting drunk in Tijuana
Tea leaves just to reach nirvana
You don’t wanna die
But how you gon see god if you ain’t down to ride
Thought I was done but that wasn’t the case
Got a new track that I threw in your face
This shit ain’t fun when you’re lost in your ways
Tryna get laid, so you buy all your plays
No more fucking around
Head in the clouds
So damn profound
My city’s not used to this type of our winning
The midis and minis all get to be loud
I’m trippin on colors, to pitch at the mound
Sweat from the summer, would ellis be proud
I wanna make hits, so I’m hitting the ground
I’m getting the shits, but there’s no slowing down
Hanging out with this lioness
I got stories, but fuck it, Ima digress
I got more important shit to do
Than fuck around with these fools
[Hook x2]:
[Verse 3: Sunday]:
Zip A Dee Do Dah
They call me jwu tha rula
I be getting the mulah
Got some beers in the coola
Cause ’m stocked with the goods
Going to Hollywood
Man I stunt like I should
Man I stunt like I should
Flipping a switch and I dip and I go
Ripping a bowl, sipping on soul
Clipping the pull when I’m dripping in gold
But I’m flipping the mold and I’m whipping the flow
Kuntakintay with Tenjanjigae
Stressing relays, just boy a from LA
Wo bu zhi dao, ne ren shi she
Shen huo hen mei, come get and paid
Ya’ll are the ants, I am the raid
Driving a wrath, spray painting with mace
Freebasing with grace while ya’ll
Racing in place
Get off my case
Cuz I’m moving in weights
I’m just a West Coast Native
With A East Coast Plug
Renaissance man
But a product of
The concrete jungles and that one highway
Pull the world close in , tell it come my way
[Hook x2]: