Catalyst Bars - They Don't Like You Lyrics

Who's goin in?
[Intro: Cat]
Yea yea
Who knew?
Who knew…
We’d grow
So far - so far apart, yeah
[Bridge: Cat]
Days in - days in - days in
Waiting, waiting for you
Caged in, caged in
For you
Caged in caged in
For you
Mm - Yeah
[Verse 1: Cat]
I just need to break those bars
You cut me deeper than those scars
That don't not mean its physical
Not everything subliminal
Say it to my face just like you mean it
Even if you say something demeaning, yeah
Just say it like you mean it
Want to look you in your eyes
A millionaire like Regis
In the chair, I just answer all the questions
It's not fair, that I cope with this depression
I’m not here, man I'm someone else there
I don't like - What I'm seeing in the mirror
I wish that I could change - No plastic
Surgery involved
No plastic - bitch
That i could have up-on my draws
No plastic bitch
That I could have upon my dick
Who would figure
If I had a milli - Maybe she would sit
Whipping -Whipping
Whipping for you
Sitting - Sitting
Down for you
Caged in - caged in
Download - down low
Basement for you
[Verse 2: Cat]
My heart is dark
No, my heart is black
It's serious as a heart attack
Stop me, cardiac arrest Michael
He took them pills -Now he's never coming back
Moon walk
Moon Walk
Moon walk - moon walk
You see the stars
They talk - they talk
Hollywood - Hollywood
I don't like it when I'm walking to my car, no
Hopped onto Uber today
I’m feeling like a loser today
Thin ice when I was skating
Ain’t no luging today
Spitting in my face
I'm hawking up a loogie today
What you want, yeah
[Bridge 2: Cat]
Twisted, yeah
Missing - missing
Myself - myself
Distant - distant
Distant from you
Distant from you
Distant from you
[Verse 3: Cat]
Whats the point of wishing on a star?
Alexi said they never shooting when we in LA
So when you see one in the sky
You the apple in my eye
And I would know what I would say like
Different - different
Different than you
Symptoms in you
These pills I take
This weed I smoke
I might not pop
I might just cope
I might be broke - At thirty-five
Thats all good
As long as I got my drive
As long as I got my time
As long as you on that mission
As long as you got that pistol
As long as you pull that piston
As long as you Isaiah Thomas
As long as you’ll still be honest
As long as you spitting rapping
You really ain't got no genres
Everybody rap, sound the same
Everybody's rap sound the same
Everybody got them chains
Everybody got them cars
Everybody got them broads
Everybody got like 200k up on their IG
Thats all good, You thirsty
You probably need an I.V
Used to hit the club at 28 and still get ID'd
Looking - looking so young
Who knows where I’m from
I'll show you the rule of thumb
Then I”ll put my thumb up
And then I'll flip the other one
Thats the middle to you
It's nothing riddle to you
It's nothing simple to you
It's just a mathematic equation
I'm back to packing my pad and my stats
No Acura
Rolling with homies, like Jaf, back in the day
So who you really know?
Who spit bars like this and really flow?
Who spit bars like this and really flow
I'll collect my Two-Hundred when I'm passing go
I'll collect my Two-Milli when I'm passing go
Thats all good
Different - different
Different than you
Different than you
Thats why they don't like it
[Outro: Cat]
Thats why they don't like it
Thats why they don't like it, yeah
Thats why they don't like me, yeah
Thats why they don't like it
Thats why they don't like it, yeah
Thats why they don't like it
Thats why they don't like it