CedaCash - Day Dreams Lyrics

[Intro: CedaCash talking]
They say ya dreams are guides to ya reality
So what I do is I day dream, a lot
CedaCash, here goes a couple
[Verse 1]
Nothing like, a hard day, come home popping bottles of mo'
Ticket in hand, lottery flow
Swig after swig my eyes getting low
Smooth jazz on the radio! who is it? I wouldn't know
But I'm relaxed, turn off my jack
Show is over no camaraderie yo
Day dreams, starting up, all i see is the world burning
Bicycle, no training wheels, my little girl learning
She falls down, brother help her up, damn they growing up too fast
News flash on the TV read, North Korea got they nukes back
Maybach, flow curtain closed, laid back
Writing rhymes, driver listen like "damn when you gonna lay that
Slay that!"
Anyways, we on our way to make a payback
Companies jacked our shit?! we won the cases, lets take that...
Wake up
[Hook: CedaCash] (x2)
Every now and then, i just love to zone out
Kick my feet up close my eyes and let em roam about
Picture things i want, wake up then i go achieve
Imagination better than knowledge, so i day dream
[Verse 2]
I see a beach, seashells, sun setting, V12
Sitting on sprewells, and my kids running round in the sand
I'm on the deck yes, with a bottle of ace
Wifey right beside me, look like a camcorder in her hand
Dinner on the table, filet mignon
I clip a Cuban, inhale, then day dream on
Riding round, in a hooptie, laughing hard
A couple niggas, couple 40's, just finished playing basketball
Roll the trauma, take a puff, couple more, now I'm high
Pull the nine, aim up!
Lets shots off like I'm tryna down the sky
I'm in the mall, a hundred racks what my hand hold
Cashier, eyes stuck, i ain't cripple
But my hands froze
Album out, crowd gathers, "ceda can i get ya autograph?"
Sure ma, plus all of y'all, see a homeless man, give bul the cash
Now I'm on the ave, hop out a jag wit some Florida tags
Gucci down from head to toe
Sneaker flow brand new Jordan bags
Wake up