Chakra Kid - The Deep End Lyrics

Hello, How are you?
I hoped you enjoyed my lyrics thus far
This is something different
I hope you enjoy
[Beat Switch]
[Hook 2x]
My life is going off the deep end
Is there anyway that I can ever reach it
I don't know, I guess this is where I begin
[Verse 1]
Well, I guess there is no reason to pretend
I guess there is a new sequence for this weak trends
All alone cause no one ever wants to party on the weekends
Tryna control all of my destructive demons
Freezing all of my warm feelings
For a little dark secrets, am I that nigga
Or did I say that in the wrong context or pretense
I'm just patience here creeping
Waiting for some aura to leap in
To protect me from all of this negativity
I'm to all heavenly beings
For absorbing this worldly energy
Going R. Kelly, so I can get a little pe-ace
Like Charles Barkley and Ron Artist
With my back to the basket, I been a beast
Thank you St. Nick, I've got a lunchbox full of coal
Well I'mma feast, but I should say thanks so I can give in
There is no reason to pretend
This is where I begin
[Hook 2x]
[Outro 28x]
I'mma be driving of the the deep end