Charmingly Ghetto - 1 More Rhyme Lyrics

It's been a long time coming
But I'm here
Come together like
We gon' have fun y'all
Introspective Minds
Yo! Boston, The World! Holla At Me
(Verse 1)
Tailor Gang No Whiz I was made to flow
Word to Trey now we got the name your neighbors know
Charmingly Ghetto, yeah I know it fits right?
I'm on that double consciences shit, so here's a tip right?
What You Need? 15-20%
Before I do I need some Henny to Vent
Cause It always takes me effort to breathe
Before I ever would leave
Without dropping knowledge word to my seed
Got the children listening, I be molding they minds
Cause I overstand the fact that they are molded by rhymes
Let's take a second real fast, let it marinate
Throw the chicken in the freezer, nigga this is the ether
In the psych pod, I know that's right
Yo my man you quite fresh but it's cold outside
Wait, think about it, don't take no offense
They hating' flow ride smooth like my hoop-tie with tents
(Verse 2)
Hit the scene blessed
Yes nigga I'm so fresh
Spend it on the top, know the Bean's all set
As we approach the climax of my frequency
The ladies wet, why they come so frequently?
I know why, Cause I take my time
And every rhyme is irony and on Jamaican pine
Take a sense, see it inhale and let it lift me up
And ganja telling me the people ain't getting enough of the real
(Nah!) That's a movie, directed by Fukwa, edited by Spike
Cameo by Halle Berry (It's A Hood Dream!)
And The Title called "The Recital of the African Idol"
Damn, last of a living breed
With no PhD, I still deliver the seeds
Yeah they open they eyes getting they lesson
Choice of my weapon by the mind you receiving your lesson
From God's Child
I think I got time for 1 more Rhyme (X4)
Putcha Hands Up (X4)
Yo I think I got time for 1 more Rhyme
(Verse 3)
I got a lifetime to write
Before my wife ignite my flesh
Fuck it son, the ground ain't worthy to hold the flesh of a King
What I've seen is the top of the clouds
Not only when I'm high, You'd be surprised!
Like it's your birthday, So here's a couple of gifts
I developed off smoking on a couple of spliffs
And a couple of drinks shouts to the bartender
Out! She was breaking the rules
I was buying the bar, now the liquor is sponsored
But ere are monsters everyday, it's a happy Halloween
And my teammates gambit, we ain't throwing no cards
We in the back posted up, and we burning down hard
Chilling reaching the God, before it's killing my lung
This for the people in the slums as they struggle for one
Charmingly Ghetto, Two Meanings in One, Son