Christian Padovan - If You Wanna Be My Girl Lyrics

But I could change my mind if you wanna be my girl
I love the way you smile, I feel good by your side
I got to tell you know what I never said before
When I saw you walking down the street
It was a case of love at first sight
I've been searching for a girl like you
'Till that lucky day I found you
I will love you forever, I swear I'll be good
I'll take care of you baby, if you wanna be my girl
If you search for a lover, I always be there
Don't try to run away, baby listen to your heart
People talk in the neighborhood
They say you're not the girl for mе
I don't care cause you make mе feel so good
They'll never know how much I love you
I was not the kind of guy who talks about love
But now I've changed my mind
Cause you wanna be my girl
Now I know it's for ever, there's no turning back
I could not love you better, you'll always be my girl