Chuku - 110 Freestyle Lyrics

90's boy but I keeps it one hundred and ten
Small circle, I don’t run with your friends
Nothing depends on the situation, I’m always me
Stunting again, it’s a lituation, honestly
Y'all compete, but your efforts are futile, I'll step in the room
Like a legend with new styles, while checking your crew
It’s the D.R.U., I need y’all to
Pay attention as I lead y’all through a new era
Who better to take control? I make the road
Easier to walk on, rock on, watch me floss on
Old school flow, old school heads know
Don’t move slow, no dude, let’s go
Girl, who you tryna curve? Keep on talking to me now
Back that ass up, I’m a grown man, not a juvenile
Got a smoother style than these awkward dudes without
Tryna walk up to you all obnoxious, watch me do it (aoww)
In the function like a giant like I stepped on stilts
Keep they necks on swivel, keep they heads on tilt
Bad boy like Puffy, act like I’m not built
With strong bones in my body, got milk?
Rock steady, y’all are not ready, y'all fall like confetti
If your queen comes my way, she’s trapped, I’m not Fetty Wap
Bet he got girls with body like Betty Boop
Say that shit three times fast...
[Verse 2: Chuku]
Watch the beat switch up, like fake friends
They’ll catch up, however long it takes them
Patience is a virtue, but I’m taking what’s mine
I’m from the DMV, I’m tired of waiting in line
I can’t be settling now and fuck settling down
No time for a love life, I love life
Why acknowledge impossible? Why think it exists?
I’m balling dude, with that follow through, flicka da wrist
Still haven’t slept, insomnia got the best of me
I’m beyond saying I’m on a roll and living my destiny
Start with what you can control, get off your high horse
Jackass, Dru is the goat, y’all are some sheep
Following me probably would be in your best interest
Those who ain’t pay attention, I’m here to collect interest
That notable shit, say no to bullshit
They watch us on someYouTube shit, we might load a full clip
In ya mouth, what it look like now?
We got all these rappers shook right now
I just gotta keep it clear as hell like Clearasil
That’s how everything must go like clearance sales
I'm eeling like Jordan with the gold chain
This rookie ‘bout to takeover the whole game
I can’t be LeBron James for the squad, man
I ain’t switching teams, trust that trophy’s gon’ be ours, man