Chyme - Infinity Lyrics

My teacher once told me Chyme; you talk too much in class
You better shut up
Before I hit you and your glass fall off
So I took the ‘sh’ from school
And became too cool
Burn all these fools
Too much talent, I’m out… till infinity
Walking through the trail
To see my nigga and he’s male
And his religion Islam, a descendant of Ismael
The bitches bugging so we never picking up each mail
Of voice
As long as he got a choice
We just tryna get the money, buy our mamas a Royce
Watch her rejoice… till infinity
Comme des garcons, how she always wear her heart on her sleeve
Calling her son, mama asking boy what you perceive
Pardon them son, if they try to deceive, gifts you received
Same time get a sieve, filter them out so you’ll never grieve… till infinity
The plug said meet at the playground
Is his brain sound
Google maps on me, if I’m lost, I’m still found
Okay I think I see him coming, yeah that’s inbound
Ouch just kidding. Played myself, that’s a rebound
Asked around, seen around
But he ain’t never reached the ground
I ain’t bothered, God’s mercies still abound… till infinity
Waiting for the plug was like waiting for Godot
Remember back in the six, it was twenty for a four
So we did that shit ourselves and then flipped for twenty four
I’m talking shit that you gon never know before or… till infinity
Why you always yelling soft when life is really hard
Why she think I’m hubby material, a hunnid yards
Why they always doing things that make me wanna raise my guard
Why they always assume that I be holding all the cards till infinity
I’m just tryna hold on to my dignity
Tryna be the bomb, the bomb, the bomb diggity
One time, you know I had to do a joke for silly me
Now let me tell you bout how I started liking big booty
Started back in grade school, culprit was Miss Judy
Her complexion Topaz but we was both in Ruby
Happened so fast when it ended nothing do me
Now I got this fresh pie, she ain’t no day-old stuff
But she can’t take a half pipe, failed skateboard stunt
This the type of shit I say that make y’all say I’m blunt
They too scared to kick the bucket, I could go for the punt
Get what I want… till infinity
Shorty asked me for the keys to success
I said to succeed, you gotta suck more, talk less
I used to be naive her coochie was Loch Ness
Ain’t tryna be cockles, moving dauntless
Words were an ocean, he dove in
Doors was closing, he was closing in
He was chosen so he dove straight in through the opening
Now he chilling out on the shore… till infinity
I’ve always been they fathers, I was using after shave before they even started growing strands
Oh, now they throwing hands
Never letting sleeping dogs lie, that’s if there’s still life
Ever prepared, ain’t talking guns or a steel knife
Acknowledgements bruh, and that’s on real life