City Center - Bleed Blood Lyrics

I'll be the last to bloom
In some summer-soft epiphany
Thinking about the humans
Tumors on top of tumors
On top of the reprimanding
Turn off your house
Tear up your heart
Turn down your hooves
And hand in your feelings
You're feeling all the time
You're breathing
Even when there's nothing on your mind
You and your friends all place your bets
Who'll be the first one erased?
I get off work at seven o clock
And then I get replaced
It seems so cold
And it seems so strange
To watch beautiful people when they kiss on the street
How do you feel when you aren't yourself?
You're trying to catch up with a feeling
And then you are bleeding blood again
We're bleeding from the same place
And we always try
If you don't feed me anything
I'll be the last to bloom
In some city-wide soft summary
Of someone else's beauty
Terror on top of terror
On top of the light that gets in
Don't get upset
And don't forget to listen to your feelings
Feel it all the time
You're bleeding
And love is wanting more