Cleff & Eugenius - Lil' Sum' (Ft. Joey, The One Keon & Self Service) Lyrics

I don't do drugs cuz my pops 'bout died from em
On top of that, I don't want nothin to hide from him
He might've sold too, stacked and got fly from it
But you can't fly from it, ain't always a radar you can
Fly under, cop comin', scrambling to hide from em
No tucks, cuz I ain't go to prom or nuthin
Hopefully I'm prominent enough in rhymin so I'm not
35, job huntin, what I look like?
Just wanna have the time for hobbies, what I cook like?
And set my circle up for life, cuz my hooks nice
Like Kareem Abdul Jabbar
I live and die for moments where I'm seein you in awe
When you came out to a show and I'm feeding you the bars
But you knew me as a loser back in school, who woulda thought
Lil Bill had a lil trill in em, lil kill in em
Killin em, wit curriculum from the school of thought
Nowadays, a spitter speak the truth and they boo em off
(Nigga, what are you sayin'?!)
Even Christ was a superstar
They'll hail you, then nail you, no matter who you are, uh
Word to L Boogie, wise words from El Rookie
He a lifer, I remember when we played a lil hooky
She sell herself for dough, but she used to sell cookies
So much for a scouts honor
This is me, Timothy lettin' my mouth wander
Rap game Wally Szczerbiak
I ain't playin witcha, quit askin where my jersey at
Your latest greatest couldn't stand next to my early raps
They say when I was 8 that I looked like Jordan from Bernie Mac
11 years later watch me mack an Aunt Wanda
Write this writer an advance, my stanzas in large font
Wrote my rider in advance, a Fanta and Smart Water
Cuz I Kel the competition, I do, I do, I do
Do-do-do-loo-do, that's word to Nardwuar
Sister had her second daughter, that's word to Art Garf-
They say "kid, you're goin places", let's just hope my car starts
Cuz it's older than me, t'was a gift from a widow
I got my motor for free, Bp by my house
An Arizona for Cleff and a soda for me
Gimme 5 on 5, I'll be open for 3
Buyin' BS, lookin for the golden receipt, ya dig?
Ya dig?
[Verse 2: Joey.]
This is a passion, my girl think that I'm limited though
To strictly love songs, I wonder how far this can go
But I get tired of the questions that I'm asking and
I second guess myself like am I really meant for rapping?
Who cares Joe, you probably overthinking
They tell me that they like the sound, but do they really mean it?
I'on know
Chasing dreams with some empty lungs
Crazy to think in a couple years I'll be 20 sum', yeah
But that's just what it is
If in is the fashion then when do I get a fit
Nah, that's cult acceptance, more like cold rejection and
God be looking out, but me probably look over blessings
And get caught up in old obsessions
But, let me set the record straight
I thought a lil' better when I was crushin' up on Meagan Gates
Hey Maegan, but that's beside the point
Smoke exit out my mouth when I ain't even hit the joint
New mindset, we work better as a team
But, it's hard to get the gold if everybody want the green
So I'm in it alone, least that's what my mind is telling me
They take him as a joke but I am no Bill Bellamy
Just tryna be the G.O.A.T., different meaning from a spelling bee
Somethin' like that......I'on know
[Verse 3: The One Keon]
I got this natural feeling that really fill in my feelings
To the point I put my preferences over what has been written
In that script, the truth, I rip the roof
On my cranium, think it's titanium, hard one to crack, uh
Hard heart, I walked the dark, I thought God was wack, uh
Puffin' marijuana in the days, I relaxed
'Till the devil rolled me up and put that flame to my back
Tried to smoke me, demons all around me, tryna grope me
Funny thing is that moment of fear broke me
Showed me that I am just so weak
And there's a different power working in us that we don't see
It made me drop to my knees and yell out to the sky
God I know that you're alive, please come help me or I'll die
All these tears hang in my eyes because my games were my demise
And the world believe in lies, I took a piece of that pie
I didn't see the disguise, the devil covered my eyes and he covering the world too
Making us disbelievers if the way, life, and truth
The truth is that we're wicked and runnin' rampant and sinnin'
It started in the beginning when Adam let his teeth sink in
The forbidden fruit, now we're doomed, but God put his son in the room
Jesus Christ died for you because the price of sin is death
So he took your bill and blessed you with life when he took that rest
Three days later, resurrected, with new life, forever alive
If you believe he'll share that pie, come get that slice, lay down your pride
[Verse 4: Self]
Mama always told me to wait and be patient
I feel like I'm God, but I'm so close to Satan
And lately I been pacin', practicing these rituals
Of my ancestors, blood stains on the pages
Just so I can speed up time and rearrange it
Die to live again and change my livin' situation
Dip my soul in gold and hang me up to dry somewhere famous
Like Ancient Rome or India where time isn't wasted
Rewind and find me shinin' on your favorite playlist
Or see me in the skies behind the eyes of the wasted
The people plus the problems of the universe persuasion
Added up to be a bomb that blew up my mind's ranges
Now I know the difference from a god and a slave and
Depends on who you workin' for, it's all the same thing
Throwin' up like Lil' Wayne, talkin' 'bout "Bling Bling"
Or you end up broke and blind, not owning a damn thing
It ain't our fault you keep saying you can't change
Dollar bills won't stretch cause you work for the same slaves
The ones who took history and then added a few names
And told us to follow this, be like Jesus pay your bills
And everything be legit, just don't fall of your script
[Verse 5: Cleff]
I was livin' just a stoner loner plasma donor broke rapper
Now I'm basquiat mixed with a bit of Charles Bukoswki
Engaged with Maya Angelou but still in public housing
Paying off on child support and 2 bills late
And it's ironic how this money holds me back, Bill Gates
I just boil my pot of water, open my pack of noodles
Thinkin' bout what Yeezy eatin', prolly not these toaster struddles
Prolly somethin' real stupid, tapenad on top of God
Over here it's Ramadan, I'mma rhyme until I die forreal
Soon as my wallet swells my head will as well like I'm Pharrell
It's funny how these jokers really think I'm playin'
Think they know my plan, but I'm David blaine
Watch me levitate to heavens gate and back again
I done scaled the mountaintop and traded words with King
All he did was shake his head I could tell this wasn't his dream
Mommas gettin' shot up, poppas gettin' shot up
Daughters turn to thotters, Trump is on his ride up
What the hell is happenin, rappin ain't been what rappin was
Nowadays you could spit dope, not even get a buzz
Cuz, cuz
We live on a macro Earth, worried bout micro melanin
Sometimes I gotta stop and wonder just what kind of hell I'm in
Nobody help each other they too worried bout just finishin'
This world is apples vs. cinnamon
Forgot about the milk, tho that's what really makes the winner, man
Unity, unity...that's what makes the winner man...unity