Cloven Hoof - Forgotten Heroes Lyrics

Born and raised to kill
Nerves of steel
Forged by an iron will
No heart to run away
Here where the bullets fly
There's no one left
To hear my battle cry
Mine is not to reason why?
Forgotten heroes
The battle has been won
No more heroes
But their memory lingers on
Forgotten heroes
Too late to count the cost
No more heroes
The languid and the lost
Cheating death so many times
Haunted spirits of the front line
They seem to have died in vain
Trenches deep in blood
The stench of corpses
Sinking into mud
Did the sacrifice do any good?
Help me sweet Jesus
I feel I can't go on
Our ranks are falling
Reinforcements are gone
Mortars are pounding
It seems this is the end
A case of death or glory
What honour to defend?
Oh Forgotten Heroes
Oh Forgotten Heroes
Oh Forgotten Heroes
Oh Forgotten Heroes