Clue - Under The Red Hood Lyrics

It's like losing ain't an option for him
He wears that poker face
The joker in the pack
He's viewing things up from a higher plain
It's like he's watching earth revolving
Spinning from the depths of space
And every little problem now just floats away
In specks of grey
It seems he's found peace
A perfect harmony
The beating of the drums
Had turned that minor, to a major key
Every second passing by now was only clarity
Among the stars he stayed
And focused on his craft, impatiently
Waiting for the day he masters it
While they’re all the same
It drives him crazy
But its just his thoughts
Are leading him astray
So he sits among the pack
Waiting for the day
He can put the pen to page
They’re hearing what he’s got to say
They’re hearing all thats on his mind
And they notice that he's all in
Feeling nothing but divine
Now focused on his calling
Perched above the city lights
Lonely dreams of when he’s soaring
Penning music through the night
Feeling fresh up in the morning
[Verse 2]
Yeah i’m feeling pretty confident
Theres a long road ahead
But every move I make
I’m taking, pieces off the board
Just like i’m playing chess
Then lay to rest
Every single person
In my way again
These two faced fuckers
I call them Harvey Dent
They wanna make amends
See the shows, and they come running back to me
Like they won’t stop, only to catch their breath
They see i’m close, but far from finished
Make a toast, to how i’m living
At the most, they inattentive
They’re a joke, but wheres that leave me?
Like wheres the line between the rapper guy and pizza driver
Maccas nights, and sleep deprived
I’m writing lines
My limitless, creative mind
Is paying for the overtime
I’m crazy, or am I alive?
Insane, or am i getting mine?
I guess they’re right
But every night
I’m lying dreaming of the lights
My brain is so preoccupied
By these visions that inspired
By my idols on the stage
And rocking mics
And while I’m watching like
I’m gonna make it mine
So if it kills me
Its how i thrill seek
Itchy trigger finger
Watch me stealthy
Climbing up the ladder, like i’m Sam Fisher
Kick it into overdrive
You focused on your social life
I’m broken but with open eyes
Odin of the open mic
Owning all these others guys
Show them where the bodies lie
Of other up and comers
But to me, its just another night
Going super saiyan, theres no way that I’ll be beaten
Man i’m from the future, slaying, Hamley bring that beat in
[Verse 3]
He hasn’t slept in weeks
But plans lie
Behind bloodshot eyes
High time, till high tide
While skies, collide
Dark nights
Hide behind sunrises
Up late, can’t think straight
Just tryna find some guidance
Never forget this feeling
Never gon stop the mission
He’d rather he give it all
So he’s dying before his quitting
He’s out to solve the world like a rubix
Mapping out the blueprints
Hoping that the shoe fits
I’m out to save the world, I think I need your help