Coasta - Michael traction Lyrics

That you're not underprepared
To act this role
Where you lack heart and soul
You're not shaking but there's trembling in me
Cause you could never love somebody else
More then you already do love yourself
I never judge
But the jury is closed on this one
Wrong trip you got skipped
Left spinning in place you went around all night
You're choking on the notion
That you swallowed to help make you feel alright
It was all just a waste of my time
I set your mattress to the sea
Took all my time then you charged me a fee
Won't ever say this is easy cause i can't
I paid the penalty then went home
Somewhere your mattress set up on it's coast
Get all you can
And then kill me perfectly
Safe stand with your big plans
No mess from me you know i'm just fine
See through, got my plans too
And this is over well cause you're wasting my time
How sad you were a waste of my time