CRATER - Unearth Lyrics

Unearthed every sentiment and yet gravity holds
Unfurled myself like I knew I would to feel some comfort
Loneliness is solitude with a problem
Protect me from myself, in denial and so dishonest
Fail to levitate, but feel as if I'm always weightless
Hide away from sight as you dose me
[Chorus 1]
I'm the cause for the rain without a doubt
I'm so sorry
[Verse 2]
So much left to lose and yet we choose to live in absence
Acting like responsibility's too much to handle
Debt and all its dues are the problem
Feed the pigs until their shadows shake hands with the damage
Opt to exist in the simplest way and not be bothered
Nothing good survives in a wasteland
[Chorus 2]
We're the cause for the rain without a doubt
We're so sorry
[Chorus 3]
We're at fault for the changes yet to come
We must worry
[Instrumental Outro]