Damn Seagulls - Rooftops & Railways Lyrics

And i lost the track of time
And i lost myself on the way
You know me and my secret
You're the only one
Say baby, you'll never tell
Tell me now
Tell me all
Tell me everything you know
Tell me what you think of me
Close your eyes
And tell me what you see
Or do you see just nothing at all
In my hide-away, up on the roof
I feel more like home
And everything is clear
From up here people look so tiny
Stars are low and sky is near
In the stillness of night
I realized
I can't stay still
And i never will
And baby i know it
Forever i'll return to this place
See you on the rooftops and railways
I do my best to stay alive
But they all try to bring me down
Like a sad ol' piano
I'm all outta tune
And they all try to bring me down