Dan Berglund - Visa Till Parasiten Lyrics (English Translate)

If you are not profitable, take it to the slaughterhouse
Fцare дare du inte lцnsam bдare det av till slakteriet
And if you are born to a pig, my friend, then there is a great risk
Och fцds du till en gris min vдn sе дare det rдtt stor risk
That your last rest will be a food counter
Att din sista vila blir en matvarudisk
But if you're born a worm, I'll give you a pretty good
Men fцds du till en mask jag dе fеare du det rдtt bra
You can revel in it undisturbed and take what you want
Dе kan du frossa ostцrt och ta vad du vill ha
If you are born with a bear, you will have no peace
Fцds du till en bjцrn sе fеare du ingen ro
Before you shake the grill at the fort's zoo
Fцrrдn du skakar galler pе skansens zoo
And you are born to a hide so beware horns and beards
Och fцds du till en дlg sе akta horn och skдgg
For your head shall adorn the wall of the sanctuary
Ty huvudet ditt ska pryda gillestugans vдgg
But if you are born into a worm, yes, the more you move freely
Men fцds du till en mask ja dе fеare du hдrja fritt
Then you do as you wish and lubricate your circle
Dе gцare du som du цnskar och smцrjer krеset ditt
If you are born a worker, you can bring home
Fцds du till arbetare sе kan du hдlsa hem
You must pay the capital you must sacrifice life and limb
Du ska gцda kapitalet du ska offra liv och lem
And when you go to the grave broken by your work
Och nдare du gеare I graven bruten av din vдrk
Expecting other worms to complete their work
Vдntar andra maskar att fе fullborda sitt verk
But if you are born into a worm, then there is no risk
Men fцds du till en mask jag dе дare det ingen risk
The dead you met and swollen the dead you satisfied and healthy
Dе dцare du mдtt och svullen dе dцare du nцjd och frisk
For you are born into a worm or a trichina
Ty fцds du till en binnikemask eller en trikin
So you can be sure that your family is fine
Sе kan man vara sдker pе att din familj дare fin
For it has many old and dead kinship
Ty den har mеnga gamla och дdla slдktskapsband
With fifteen small families living in Sweden's country
Med femton smе familjer hдare I sveriges land
Yes, if you are born into a worm, you will be happy fat and big
Ja fцds du till en mask blir du lycklig fet och stor
And you can revel in me undisturbed, my dear brother
Och du kan frossa ostцrt pе mig min kдre bror
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