Dawgg - Honky 4 Life Lyrics

2017, the muthafuckin' year for ya'll to be in
Bring in the Buds... soon to be celebrating 2018 but til then make the most of the 17 year and make ya know it, yeah
I ain't gonna be tha pooh butt, you gotta be a pooh butt to be a butt that smells like poo... yo
Listen to a track with ya mates, laugh at some lyrics that are stupid, but I ain't sayin' mines are... just saying
I'm a dangerous rapper, the police don't like people sayin' shit like that
Once they hear that someone is dangerous, they be assuming they gonna do somethin' so stupid like shooting up a school
I ain't sayin' that I'm gonna do somethin' like that, tho the coppers may think so, 'cos I said it
Putting actions in their minds as I say it
I don't fuck around, no need to be a clown
I ain't one, so pick your ways to be shot with a gun
I'm so muthafuckin' rebel, you can't step with this yo
Don't be a sucker, suck up with a fucker who ain't even dope, wack fucker who doesn't know how to be a lyrical devil
I'm on the next level of bein' the top dawgg while bein' this lyrical... I'm a honky 4 life
[Interlude 1]
A bitch wanted to be stabbed with a knife, I was about to until she screamed for help... fuckin' bitch
[Verse 2]
Yo... a bitch walkin' funny like she's a bitch who does nae be a bitch
She be screamin' louder, I got a fucker in the closet locked... but he'll not come out... get it
I'm just laughing like I can't be violently rapping
In this world, we alpha males and the females ain't
They just species
They are tools for men to use, they ain't got rights
I'll get a bitch to kneel down with her face in the toilet eating my shites
They wanna be like men, but that ain't happening
Running like a fucker, out a bitch in a trunk
Man, all I'm sayin' is the game I'm playin'
Put your face in the loo while I take a poo
Don't scream when it lands on your face, lick up my shit befo I kill some from the female race
Put a cream over a bitches face like she got acne but she can't even attack me, I'll be attacking her like she'll wanna run far
I ain't gonna be a punk ass for a bitch who doesn't even give her booty a shaking
I love bitches with big butts and I ain't gonna lie
I'm be gettin' her to shake it until she'll cry
I love to see a bitch cry, it makes me wanna lick her tears and laugh at her bein' upset, set her a light and watch her cries as she burns to ashes... I ain't gonna a punk ass... I'mma honky 4 life
[Interlude 2]
Man... all this dope beats in my mind... let's produce some... yoooooo
[Verse 3]
I'm a top dawg in this underground rap game, no need to be so lame
Beware befo you get fucked up, I don't wanna knife some fucker, unless they fuck with me then I got no choice
One call to my homies, you be seein' my boyz
My homies, who will never back out in shit
NC Origan, Jamie and my other homies who doesn't blame for fuckin' shit up
I be fuckin' shit fucks up when I get a gun out, they be running when they see my boyz with guns bigger than tits on nuns
I be running from the cops with a bat and hit them as they run past, blast a cop with an AK
Can I buy actually buy a real gun in this city, I only got toys ones
It sounds like a real one tho, just got loads of caps for it... not caps like hats
I'm just spittin' some dope bars, let's all fuck up muthafucka til I die from bein' a fucker, a sucker who fucks with the wack ones 'cos I am a pussy, not tough... I am tough so fuck ya'll if you beg the fuckin' differ
When I see a ugly bitch, it gives me a stiffer... that's a joke
I would slaughter an ugly bitch, I would but tho I would hit one the head til she dies from concussion
I be cussing while my life has a curse so be cursed like I am gonna bust a rhyme to be a muthafuckin' top rhymer dawg with this top timing I got when I look at the clock, I ain't a cock but you can suck me like a hoe befo you get topped, meaning befo I kill yo
It's one word to say, I'mma muthafucka... I gotta say.... get out an AK and shoot some fuckers who just don't know the dawggy way... I'm a honky 4 life
[Interlude 3]
Where's my gun hun, I need to shoot some fuckers
I need some help with it, man... all I got is an AK
It ain't got no bullets but... so I need to kick some butt to steal money for bullets... wait... I can rob a bank... get some men and we be breakin' into the biggest bank in Glasgow... yo... I know a bank we can rob... let's rob it... 'cos I'mma honky 4 life