Deadly Gentlemen - Locked Up Lyrics

Again and again and again it's painful
Somewhere, there're people traveling down track by the trainful
But I'm locked down they've been locking the block down every day at noon
There's money to be made and I'm fading
I'm stuck in this jail till June
Oh bad, bad times
I've been locked up so many days
I buckle with the burden of boredom
The world goes on anyways
I made my stand it landed me stranded
They took me to the jail directly
But if I did do wrong
One hundred years here probably couldn't correct me
This place will drain every drop of pride out
Then wring your weathered and leathery dried out hide out
I used to be young and tough
I might not be too young anymore but I'm young enough
Every single day I pray that I'll be free sometime
But again and again and again
Rock hard pillow, still no sunshine
I'll eat that plastic macaroni
I'll eat the day glow jello
But I will never go back to your war, hell no