Deadly Gentlemen - The Demon Ether Lyrics

I'm rifling out past it so fast that it hurts me
Strange things scream in the demon ether all around me
It's a pity my love lives
She'll never sleep soundly
When they buried my body, blood drained to the last drop of it
It poisoned the grass, every leaf in a whole crop of it
I tumbled into the undergloom with the world fading above me
But I swore that I'd be back for my maiden so lovely
That death be sleep
That's truthless treachery
God stole the soul
From the ruin of the wretch of me
And down into hell's welter
He drove it into the deepness
I traveled that frightening lightyear
Every moment of it sleepless
Through glooms and gloaming
I rose up out of that hellhole
Beckoned by world's every beacon every bell toll
I'm back and I'm on fire, I burn insanely
The world is small and it will not contain me
Dangling at an angle, in love and entangled
Above and unbodied I ravel out of the fabric
A demented and bent and dented revenant
Badland madman, avid and maverick
My soul a broken locomotive iron leviathan
With a buckling raddled track and twisted up pistons
I awakened all vacant, reeling and feeling fake
And ready to break down or make it the distance
Time goes by, every minute of it thrillless
Traveling this fast is just like stillness
Around and around, I circle and I trace back
Trying to find my maiden my needle in a haystack
I'm in a prison of wind where the dead leaves scud low
Where back in the day my heart did beat and my blood flow
You walk and I go beside
You're looking at me blindly
I'm agleam in the demon ether
Here I finally find thee