Deadly Gentlemen - The Splendor of the Bender Lyrics

I surrender to the bender I'm floating up mote-like
Reveling in the pleasure of the poisoned brain
That time-tested ratio of joys and pain
That mash made in heaven and torn from the stover
Opened a trove of emotion unknown to the sober
I did not know nor care where I headed
I shall have fun and live to regret it
Traveling at a totter in a typical drinkcraze
I happily trod the more and more difficult brinkways
So wasted even the taste did seem savory
God, you're twisted but oh
You favor me
I danced all night with a demented intensity
Then down down to the floor I descended insensibly
My liver so laden and swollen so portly
That no two legs in the world could support me
That bender turned dire and vile
Up from within me came spiring bile
And spasm after spasm of the abdomen jaggedly
Staggered me with daggerlike jabs of agony
My forehead to the floorboard
I mumbled toungueless
To the wonderful underworld of footfilth and fungus
That abounded around me in a slanted fantasia
Till even my groaning gave way to aphasia
And the swirling of the turpitude above me
Faded away
I opened up an eyelid...lovely!
I'd made it to day
My turgid head tender from that bender's battery
So fragile even a thought too shocking could shatter me
The telltale stainwork outlasted the bastardies
My pristine shirt now an abstract masterpiece