Depth Affect - Else's Vision (Ft. Riddlore?) Lyrics

Rhymin Riddlore from Chillin Villain Empire with DEPTH AFFECT
I wrote this song, you know
To myself and from myself
And now I share it with everybody
So, umm, check out the lyrics, you know
Some people gon't be tripping
Some people gon't act different
Some people gon't be pissed just cause they can't stand your existence
My friends tell me I'm alone too much
At home getting blown and stoned too much
And I should reach out more, I don't keep in touch enough
And the only time I shine is with the mic and a cut
If they're right, then I'm fucked
Cause I like this enough to write this up and put it on a record
When I should know better, I'm a grown ass nigga
Still hanging with homies, who knows me as the riddlore?
So show me to the liquor and the weed and I'm happy
The only thing that can top it off, is just a fat beat
The only therapy I've ever known is to rap free
It might not be your style but thats me
So let it be heard then, by all of those who are hurting
It's time to open the curtain for certain
It's to late for revers it through your imperfection
Show them all you're perfect
For the love of the art, I'm playing my part it's more than just a role
It's more than just body and mind, it's coming from the soul
Be hold, we're build an ark come in from the cold
We're traveling the globe and back to Projekt Blowed
This is your life, so live it
This is your world, go visit
Your home get out your prison
Trapped in someone else's vision
2x Hook
(Verse 2)
I open up to see what the world has to offer me
The oceans and the lakes and streams and its all for me
The hater and the snakes and the fiends get 'em off of me
I dodge and I shake and I lean till it's off of me
Cautiously, consciously, just like I rocking beats
I apply the same philosophy, when I walk the streets
Lyrics are priceless, talk is cheap
Hawkishly, they're watching and try to alter me
Too hard to categorize, package and market me
When art over money is our degree
Artistry, obviously, you'll can see, I'm nothing like those other emcees
I'm not concerned with the kilo price
I'd rather make music in the key of life
But must I be crucified like Jesus Christ
For you to take off your blind and see the light?
2x Pre-Hook
This is your life, so life it
This is your world, go visit
Your home get out your prison
Trapped in someone else's vision