Devin Burgess - MacGyver Lyrics

Fyvr on the beat. We the livest in the street
Just supplying all this heat. Where'd you find this fucking weed?
Yo supplier fucking weak. Dawg a liar plus a sneak
This is pliers to the teeth. Young MacGyver on scene
Bout to fix the game up. Hang tough. Never change up
When I get my change up. Niggas wanna claim us
Never that. Spit some clever raps get a better act
Flyer than a pterodactyl. D wrecks a mad flow
Yo I be wiling out. Styling at yo mommas house
Worker her middle east if there's a problem bring the llamas out
Not drought she drenching wet
Told me I'm an intellect
Got her into different sex
Hair look like a pigeon nest
Pissed often, bitch spark the spliff
Caution when you take a hit
Coughing. rip bongs. intense longer
Sip lager? Shit naw that's piss water
Rick Ross with Vince Vaughn
Or Vince carter bitch balling
Get off em. On some
Mothafucking g shit
Crack that got these fiends lit
You girl smack and prolly got smashed at the freaknik
Take that like a remix. Niggas tryna duel? Well get yo screen split
Can't leave rap alone the people need this