Devin Burgess - Secluded (Interlude) Lyrics

Secluded from everyone and everything
Enjoying my own silence
I'm cool with that
Why others aren't baffles the shit outta me
I mean I get it. But idk
Said people are more than likely afraid to die. Why? That's the goal
No one wants to be here forever
My soul is forever but this isn't the only me
You foolish if you believe that
I have a lot more living to do outside of this physical being
Love is all around you and were to blind to see it. Although its not something to be seen, rather felt. The frequency of always high, exactly how I like to be
The substances are a sanctuary. What you call overdose another calls peace, freedom. But that's a grey area
What does all of this mean? You don't fucking care either way, as long as you're entertained for 2 minutes you'll remain tuned in. Losing connection with people is bitter sweet. Reality never felt real, but its best to lie to you to keep you happy. Whatever gets you outta bed in the morning, right?