Dr. Knobot - Despicable (Ft. Dr@k01387) Lyrics

I’m a despicable individual, pure evil, lay you out like a blood eagle, oooh my precious, Smeagle
I’m Ivar the Boneless, burn ya house down, now you homeless
But that's a Khaleesi, can you see me
Before I dethrone you and then I debone you, whore, now I own you
Cause you walked straight into Mordor, no hors d'oeuvre here, only order is fear
A slaughter my dear, caught your daughters in da rear, as I steer forward
Coming toward ya village, what’s on the menu, a rape and pillage
Or maybe ice cream, such a nice dream for the Night King
But that's more of a nightmare that's not quite fair or appealin'
No escapin' from this villain, it’s your life I be stealin', it’s this mic I be killin'
But Lord willin' you survive, cause I like my prey better alive
So I’ll capture you and enrapture you, just like a pastor do
On your knees then bent over too, blow my load all over you, bitch I’m overdue
[verse 2;Drako]
So welcome to the Dr.Knobots and Drako's asylums
Like an alien its crawling and mewling inside of you
So we lock you up and throw away the key, white walls that's all that you'll see
Cause its vial so you can revile, i just keep it in style and tturn your fuckin ass senile
So fuck a trial, i burn your file
Like a double homicide i murder you and throw your body in the harbor
You cry them crocodile tear's. i don't give a fuck if your just a juvenile
So you better watch your daughter, cause i'll lead her like a lamb to be slaughtered, like its fuckin harry potter
Fuck your lottery, cause i just ripped up the ticket, so tell the cop's they can stick it