Dr. Knobot - Meating Dr. Knobot (Intro) Lyrics

It’s bitch black, but I can see the bright light
It’s outta sight, so there’s no fight
Cause through all my pain, these chains hold me
I shoulda listened to what they told me
Cause society can’t handle seeing what I really am
What we really am under this skin
So they lock us up and throw away the key
Cause they know what kinda beast we can be
Now I’m living life in a straight jacket
All I see are the not so white walls, I wanna attack it
Cause all the pain just leaves a blood stain that will never drain
So welcome to the asylum
A place that you can’t escape from
It exists outside of time and space son
Welcome to Dr. Knobot’s Insane Asylum
So you better hurry, cause he’s waiting for you
But don’t worry, your bloods already been drew