Duck & Cover - Nowhere Fast Lyrics

I am the asphalt that cradles your skull like a bed
Hey, lie on their backs and squander ailing wealth
Feet up and dazed, I'm drinking for my health
I've traveled miles just to get shuffled past
Slick avenues that get you nowhere fast, oh
Nowhere fast
Nowhere fast
I am the vanished, abandoned, the selfish and sadder
I climbed and scraped, just can't taste that last rung of the ladder
Yeah, break bread with ghosts who share my lovesick bed
I am the gun that's pointed through your head
I am your worst mistake from first to last
Fed up and crazed, I'm getting nowhere fast, ow
I am the loaded gun
I am the second son
I am the asphalt bed
Crushing my own head
I am the withered and sadder
I am the just-doesn't-matter
I am your worst mistake
The fix that just doesn't, just doesn't take