Emotional Xan - The Rebirth Lyrics

Yuh, woah
A nigga might die or some'
Run that bullshit
What are you doing, tell the truth, take no bull’
Trapper of 2018, shit hard
(Xan, hey Xan, tell 'em Xan)
I'm livin’ large
I'm runnin' through this money fast
My bitch a bar, but I still keep a ratchet babe
This ain't no Jesus Piece, but I still keep the peace
The other day they tried to put a gun on me
And everywhere I go, my demons follow me
Can't even sleep at night, I know they watchin' me
I'm sick and tired of these fuck niggas, pussy, play your part
I ain't never had a heart bitch, I was broken from the start
So, I wrote the book
I play these hoes for crooks
I tore the motherfuckin’ story, how to cook the shooken
Went from rags to riches
I’m fuckin' bad lil biddies
I just met Jenny from the mall, that woman got fat-ol’-titties
I got some hoes from the D
Some hoes who fuck for the team
I spent them long nights thinkin' 'bout the paper I seen
I lost some friends to some commas
Lil Xan might fuck on your mama
They talking shit behind your back, but they ain't with all that drama
Throwin’ dollars on dollars, we gon' make it go Scottie
In the 12 gauge shotty, off a xan in the 'Rari
In the club still cheesin', and my bitch still poppin'
I got real niggas with me, we gon' throw us a party
And we geeked up shawty, fuckin' hoes at the function
Got my mind on my money, 20k in my pocket
I'm in the streets screaming murder, killing shit for no reason
In the trap still jumpin' 'cause the clucks still fiendin'