EndzGotOddRoots - Rimas En Mi Mochila (Intro) (Ft. InDJnous) Lyrics (English Translate)

[Verse1] I was loved Another day
[Verse1]Se me amanesio Otro dia mas
I thank God for another day in the country
Doy gracias a dios otro dia en pas
I wake up hungry, there is nothing to eat
Me, levante con hambre, no hay nada que comer
I'm not asking anyone, Call me the chef
No le pido a nadien, Llamame el chef
Secret recipe you will not see
Receta secreta no la vasa ver
Balanced diet, your blowjob will not want it
Dieta balanciada tu mamada no la va querer
99% my life one hundred
99% mi vida al cien
Drugs not imbesil, del diaro I feel good
Drogas no imbesil, del diaro llo me siento bien
I put it on the train, I never want to go back
Suvo llo al tren, nunca quiero regresar
Get in the taxi that I want to chat with
Suvansen al taxi que llo quiero cotorriar
I want to see in a mommy that excites me
Quiero ver en una mamita, que me exita
Some girl, for there, I have a list
Alguna chica,por hay, tengo una lista
And around here they are very rich
Y por aqui estan muy ricas
The one who saves a lot knows that he doesn't save anything
El que save mucho save que no save nada
And the one who is silent knew but the truth scares
Y el que calla supo pero la verdad espanta
It doesn't matter that they hear me on every corner
No importa que me escuchen en cada esquina
I go up the platform with rhymes in my backpack
Voy subiendo la tarima con rimas en mi mochila
[Hook] inDJNOUS on the cuts
[Hook] inDJNOUS on the cuts
[Verse2] rhymes in my backpack, the only thing I have
[Verse2] rimas en mi mochila, lo unico que tengo
Where do you think hip hop came from with this government
De donde cres que vino hip hop con este gobierno
My hell I turn it
Mi infierno lo convierto
I concentrate and I don't make it up
Me concentro y no lo invento
I suspend myself in thought
Me suspendo en pensamiento
I'm in pure growth
Estoy en puro crecimiento
And this is just the start, wait for me I run
Y esto es solo el empieso, agerrenme corro
I thought differently when I was sad
Pensava differente cuando llo estaba morro
I never come early
Nunca lluego temprano
It is never too late
Nunca es muy tarde
Walking down the street, graffiti is an art
Caminando por la calle,graffiti es un arte
The microphone is second, I rap until I get tired
El microphono es segundo,rapeo asta cansarme
Dj is the third, the vinyl will lift you up
Dj es el tercero, el vinil va levantarte
The bboy is going to destroy what he taught us on the street
El bboy va destrosar lo que nos enseno en la calle
We are intelligent but we like the chaos
Somos intelligentes pero nos gusta el desmadre
If you don't express your love, you're off the beat
Si no expresas tu amor, estas fuera de ritmo
There is no nuin color, we are ourselves
No existe nuin color, somos uno mismo
It doesn't matter that they hear me on every corner
No importa que me escuchen en cada esquina
I'm lifting the platform with rhymes in my backpack
Voy suviendo la tarima con rimas en mi mochila
[outro] inDJnous on the cuts
[outro] inDJnous on the cuts
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