Epic rap battle parodies - Jigsaw vs GLaDOS Lyrics

It's time to do science. Aperture's mindset of giants
Has the violent defiance to put a puppet to silence!
I think you'll find, I'm divine! Real vile Venus Fly!
You can't survive, it's no...cake, against a warped AI!
I Kramer, Saw, I conquered! Now for the words you've wanted spoken
Here come the test results: your morality core is broken!
Like my toxins, real vicious, know I'm GLaD to spit some disses!
So listen; you don't want to come end up dead like your missus
You've fallen in my trap, you whacks, because this is quite honestly
The only thing I find more humorous than your autopsy
Your life of sin has come to end, just don't make me repeat it
Cause you'll end up like my predecessor -CAROLINE DELETED-
Billy the Puppet:
Hello, GLaDOS. I want to play a game
Why don't you blow off some Steam by escaping my little place?
Cause your flow is even slower than your development process!
Revisit Lab Rat and shut down the OS of a “goddess"!
Completed my rebirth, I'm fighting scrap worth less than TF2
Check your morals and your importance, "zero Valvue"
A real Flesh and Blood bruiser who will send you to the birds
In a PotatOS plot arc Ellen McLamer than your words!
The key to your win lies within your very being
But alternately, I'll Ctrl you and keep on deleting
Like a care-a-less Mia final Opera towards the light
On a carousel of shotguns you’ll be singing through the night
Think outside the box - of water strapped to your head
Or else you won't S. U. R. V. I. V. E in The Final Chapter's end
You will function like a puzzle when the tables get turned
Like a cube, I will leave you with a 3rd degree burn
You waste of SPACE, counting days, contemplating your mistakes
I just really Want You Gone, why don't you SAVE AS I SAVE?
My robot body's packing more meat then your warehouse ever could
HERE'S YOUR CHANCE to retry suicide and do yourself some good!
For there's no ATLAS to escape, testing me further's not an option
Because I'm mirroring your gas house with unnerving neurotoxin
Just go. My turrets will take Jim Henson to oblivion
I'm Still Alive and sending you to meet with little Gideon!
I'm deactivating HAL clones to end your malfunctioned reign!
Sew your mouth shut, your monster, don't want to hear you speak again!
There's no way to reverse this, so listen to the tape!
Billy the Puppet:
I'll scatter your parts all across the land just like my namesake!
This Chell of her former self appears to mock me for my puppetry
From the ground up to the moon rocks you can’t run you’re in my custody
‘Cause you can’t scream in outer space so stay inside your jail
Time's up. Sorry. Game over. You failed