Estrange - A Beginning Lyrics

As far as either of us can see
In her laughter I sense a touch of deceit
Let's run we'll be back
If we run fast enough
Then she smiles and I shiver
As I hear her say
Death is a beginning not an end
As I'm standing here
With only one of my feet in the dream
It's time to decide
One which one of them to lean
But though it's hard to be alone
And she is calling me
If it's true what she says I think
I will stay here and see
Because if I go with her now
I will fail my belief
She is tempting me enticing me
In her eyes paradise
But I resist
I turn around to find that I'm all alone
In my heart I feel a strenght
I never before have known
But as I am walking back
A grain of regret
Is growing below the surface of relief
I'm doing what is right
For when it's time to ascend
I want to find it's a beginning
Not an end