Eternal Helcaraxe - Bannow Lyrics

I thought the evils would out last us
I thought you would be bored of me by now
And I also feared for my own weakness
But here we are now, like the ocean
Never fading, or coroding
As the water rose and gathered up around us
We couldn't let go, and stop ourself's from drowing
I was trying to defend myself, now another man leys dead
Holding you now my love, I feeling nothing but regret
The ship is prepered and waits for me
I must forever leave my land and kin
They'll be here by night fall, and shadow have began to lenghten
Take my hand and stay with me
We can walk as far as we can see
We can spend our hole life's searching
Where are better times will be
If you would but hold me now
I would hole you back
Until the stars burn out
But if we do they will always hunt us
We would know a life with out peace
Sleeping all our days, with our neck across the blade
My love, I must leave these shores
It's the only way, that you'll stay safe
I'll be forever haunted by, this look upon our face
The soldiers are fast approaching
I don't think I can go
I would face their wrath, before I'll face the the ocean
Before I could ever let you go
I can't face a life with out you
I'd rather face the great unknown
We'll stay right here, till the stars burn out
And haunt these shores, as ghosts