Existence Has Failed - Begotten Lyrics

Vermin seeking intelligence
Force fed all of your beliefs
"Please let this barrel bring me relief"
Get on your knees & clasp your hands
Pray to your lamb
Let your blood shed
Cover the walls in crimson red
Tell your God you're better off dead
Your life
To your own God
Preach about free will
Yet you baptize the infants without a choice
Corrupted cult bathing in sin
Diluted by your facade of commandments
Pray to your disease mother fucker
Brainwash the youth with filth
Lead them a life of bigotry
Create your army of disciples
& slit the throats of those who don't agree
You were supposed to deliver us from evil yet you brought it upon them
Remove yourself from this ministry
Remove yourself from this life
Before your brain blows you'll pray to your holy spirit
With futile attempts to ask for last minute forgiveness
If God was real he'd look down on you & shrug
Why the fuck would he save you?
Your blackened soul will lead you straight to Hell
No sermon left for you to spew
Pray to your disease mother fucker
Rot in Hell you putrid sack of meat