Father Rhyme - The Mess Age Lyrics

17 just ain’t what it used to be
Everybody is a wannabe MC
I decree that we losin’ creativity
Now it’s up to me to show ‘em where the rhymes be
[Verse 1]
So many problems in this world to engage
But let’s start with the state of what’s on stage
Know that y’all been feelin some rage
Lemme provide the assuage, yeah, this is the mess age
The game is dyin’, holdin’ out for a hero
No one tries, all they care about is zeroes
Guess I gotta raise the kids, Sojiro
Destroy ‘em all with the knowledge, Shapiro
That’s a joke, so you meant to take it lightly
Tryna warn y’all, I can’t say this shit politely
Everybody devil worship, it’s unsightly
Y’all like Fallon, ya do this shit nightly
Finna take it back to the days of the Flash
Some of y’all is ass, so now we gotta clash
Hit these sucka MCs with the rat-tat
Can’t catch hands, Butterfinger no Kit Kat
If I was in the copy-paste race
I could rap off beat till I was blue in the face
Make a few stacks, maybe smoke some marijuana
And it’s all because I said “bust down, Thotiana,” uh
Y’all gon’ take these damn shots, don’t grumble
In a few years, ya empire’s gonna crumble
Ya makin’ money off the fact that you can mumble
In the words of Kendrick, “bitch, be humble”
You can tell that something’s kinda odd
If we think the pinnacle is Father of Assad
Y’all constipated, on god
Cuz y’all be droppin' shit every year like you the new CoD
Don’t need to hear about you gettin’ head
Y’all probably the type that would get left on read
Then go write an album on how you could’ve bred
Courtesy of Mister “All My Friends are Dead”
17 just ain’t what it used to be
Everybody is a wannabe MC
I decree that we losin’ creativity
Now it’s up to me to show ‘em where the rhymes be
Said 17 just ain’t what it used to be
Everybody is a wannabe MC
I decree that we losin’ creativity
Now it’s up to me to show ‘em where the rhymes be
[Verse 2: Father Rhyme and Shred]
Compassion seems absentee
We’re only gonna cover this world in debris
It’s everyone for themselves, on that we agree
So I’m gonna make this verse all about me
You got no credit to Continue? Yes/No (Nooo...)
You all got no reach, no Halo (Looo...)
I’m in the Cloud District, bro
I can go until dawn, so it’s time for you to Wendigo (Gooo!)
I came in here to prove my worth, uh
Heatin’ up like my name was Earth, uh
Change the game, in fear, they watch, uh
Run away, get lost, Sasquatch, uh
Huh, yeah, that’s a cryptid
I put these other rappers down in the crypt, kid
Spittin’ sick, they about to get afflicted
I’m about to go in, unrestricted
Gonna make me spell it out, that’s hangman
Better never get it wrong, that’s hangman
I was small, now I’m large like Ant-Man
Imma shoot for the moon like Eggman
Rap nationwide, I’m gonna cause mayhem
Before you know it, gonna hear me on the FM
Have me on repeat when I get up on the XM
Time for change, Father Rhyme with the alchem
Shit’s medieval like a necessarium
I’m a mothafuckin’ star, see me in the planetarium
Look up “fire” and you’ll see me in the Merriam
PSA to Fake Rap Sanitarium
Welcome to reality, remember your mortality
Ya wack like the guy who repealed net neutrality
Universe forgive me, I’ve committed brutality
I’m cold, Subzero, finish him, fatality
[Hook 2]
17 just ain’t what it used to be
Everybody is a wannabe, wannabe
Said 17 just ain’t what it used to be
Everybody is a—
Get higher
[Verse 3]
Times have changed for 17
Now ya gotta smoke green with seven teens
If that ain’t you, don’t get in over
Years go by, and you don’t even know her
She didn’t want none of Father Rhyme
She only want a sample of sublime
I could see it in her eye
She the kind that woulda just smoked cigarettes 'til the day she died
Arrest the development of rules to the game
Cuz you can’t show emotion if you want to get fame
God forbid someone genuine could try to make change
Cuz they treat you like an actor, they attempt to estrange
Heh, I’m not an actor, Chris Pine
Got respect for myself, I’m not fuckin 6ix9ine
I’m sumthin like refined, akin to a fine wine
So just recline while I go to spit the next line
If you ain’t hookin up, guess you better hang it up
Cuz what is love but a way to get fucked up
At least that’s the case if you listen to the masses
Hatin’ love is lonely, I feel sorry for ya asses
Fuckboys use body count to feel superior
Nuttin’ matters, they just chase the pussy like a terrier
So in the hysteria
All I should care about’s buns in my area, This is America
The Mess Age is only one piece
Of a tale as old as Beauty and the Beast
This era transcends generations
Back to the first socio-foundations
Everything I’ve said ain’t breakin’ news
That doesn’t make the statements any less true
Thankful that this album even debuted
Now, like the Grumps, I’m about to conclude
In a culture that’s full of fake ass hoes
Could be guy or girl or all of those
With Instagram thots, e-girls, and the like
Ya promisin’ to lie, “gamer girl” more like
To yourself, selfish, your other self
Can’t let ‘em see the skeletons on your shelf
Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be the expert on this
But before I leave, Imma hit ‘chu with the remix, look
[Hook 3]
The love game just ain’t what it used to be
Everybody gets around like the Indy
They decree that real love is negativity
Now it’s up to me to show ‘em where the heart be