Feadz - Electric Empire Lyrics

With mo' wax that u can think of in your metroplex fantasy
From the ovum chain reaction it's unbreakable like marble
I'm digging, it's my passion, cutting records is a habit
I used to live of dataphysics on my own like junior boys
Cruising down henry street for strictly rhythm breaking records
I'm +8 on the turbo and transmat is on my axis
Electro, eternal, in control like I'm on Bpitch
Now back 2 basics at the bunker sipping on some classics
With the M-plant going strong I'm not so-ma-terialistic
Anyway dj international this summer I'm getting paper
I got the club beats I'm BNR I'm ed banger
I'm digging, it's my passion, cutting records is a habit
Yeh my label got trax and in the nightlife we collective'
It soundslike the playhouse U.R and S has been defected
Loaded like metal heads in the underground construction
Nervous, dedicated, global communication
Tommy is my motherfucking boy
With the XL numbers of release I happen to enjoy
No relief like planet E,always on the Rush Hour
We warlock like todd terry, freeze and frictional : tresor
On nu- groove I get sonic, mental, celluloid
Sicco cell like swamp, warp reflex, electroids
More virus in my planet mu we multiply ,like clone
We armed, casual. ministry of breaking bones
We mad decent in the game disfigured dubs rhythm and sound
U just a gigolo, fragile, breakdown base like sub-urban
Sunny view on the riviera pocket full of that dance mania
Jam packed on intuit solar we archive the dance arena
I'm digging, it's my passion, cutting records is a habit
I got enough dope wax to blow up the whole party
TNT, U.M.M, KMS from motor city
Attack like tigerbeat 6, we hot mix five your 7th city
U can't test me, more direct beat than soul city