First Floor Power - How I Lost My Juvenile Smile Lyrics

We sit in a row
In a silent row
In the back seat, you know
Dad is driving
And the passenger's seat is empty you know
No meeting cars on the road
We're going home
From a funeral
Relatives and friends
There were just a few of them
People with gray faces
Have their hankercheifs in case of crying
My dry eyelashes like cultures to a stache
Do you know how huge it was?
Snowflakes are falling
While the snow on the ground is melting away
Makes the field brownish-gray
Dad is driving
And the state of the road is quite good you know
The streetlamps lit on this road
And every road
Goes from a funeral
I thought inside my head
Does it matter if it's true or not?
Communities with houses
There are life in all these houses
They're sleeping there
And if the neighbors feel alright
In every window there is light
Dim, peaceful light
In livingroom and kitchen
Men and women making wishes
That won't come through
They won't stop their choke to chuckle
But everyone stops because my juvenile smile is now