For All Time - Breathing The Same Air Lyrics

I am by your side/hands together/we'll never forget
The times we've had/the times we'll share/tread through a
New path feel the heat/I'm on the ground/i'll light the
Way so you can see close your eyes/remember me/no ambiguity
No soul-less depature/I hear you singing /silently/I am
Already there/feel your heart filled with my blood/feel your
Veins pump with my love/realize I have not left/cemented deeply
Forever in you/what's remembered, lasts forever/picture me
On the back of closed eyelids/I'm the light that's shining
Through/speak my name and I hear you calling/forever in the
Beat of your heart/believe my anwser/I am already there/
I will meet you in dreams/I see you clearly/feel you heart
Fill with my blood/feel you veins pump with my love/I will
Last forever/I'm the wind in your hair/you will last forever
I'm the sun on your arm/we will last
Forever/leaves will always rustle
Intensify the lullaby/I am by your side