Fort Union - Kingdom Lyrics

I want you as my brother
Longing for change
As a witness
To every long-lost lover
That rearranges
The history
Only to uncover
All of the graves
And the secrets
[Bridge 1]
To see I'm not the same
To you I'm not the same
Are you with me?
Are you with me?
[Verse 2]
If you take me with you
I promise to drive
So you can shut-eye
We'll lay claim to our kingdom
Where we will thrive
As a king does
[Bridge 2]
The last forgotten state
A final, unclaimed place
There's a city to the east
There's a city to find peace
In the chilly well-worn air
On the snow-divided streets
Happy on the shelf
On the banks of the canal
There's a house that I know well
There's a man ringing the bell
Are you with me?
Are you with me?