Fort Union - Maywood Lyrics

The morning greeted Maywood
Just like any other day
And the sun would seem to break the gathering storm
We woke up together
Fell asleep so far apart
And now the morning comes
[Verse 2]
'N I can't barely see the faces
From the night before
But I have to call to get [?]
Lyin' on my back
I hear the traffic roarin'
In the mornin'
[Chorus 1]
The boat I'm captain of
Is leaking from the hull
If the full moon pulls our love
In the mornin'
[Verse 3]
Wish I could remember
All the synergy we had
But the night was overshadowed by it all
And the seven blocks we walked in silence
Spoke volumes to me
'N it's my own damn fault
[Chorus 2]
We were halfway home
When the gravity did pull
Like a full moon on our love
We'll be stronger