Fred Pharaoh - Gold Tooth Lyrics

Yo, if money talks, Freddie rippin' every gold tooth
Chasin' heavy glory for my story got me soul proof
Camera still focused, the reflection, they don't know you
Era gettin' hard, can't regret what you don't do
'Causin' a facade, feel the evil, let it melt through
Knowin' a menage, kinda regal, might of helped you
Feelings of a god when I glow. Am I hell proof?
Covered by the tar when I go, couldn't smell you
Never fell in love and I'm never one to trust
And if I ain't got the most, then I never gave enough
With my teeth on the toast like I never gave a fuck
No I couldn't really boast, cause I barely even touched
I'm a king in my mind, suicidal by design
Wantin' murder for 'em all, I could hurt 'em in a rhyme
Young man from the bottom, wantin' more out of livin'
If my life take a turn for the worst, go to heaven
I'm the middle man medium, mic in my hand on the scene
I'm the seed of the sky and the land
I'm the top of the totem, hella props from the poem
When you hear 'em take a shot, pray to God just to know 'em
I'm an addict for a dream, lose it all while I sleep
Ask a friend why he lie and his woman why he cheat
Wanna fill my desires, livin' sweet in a suite
From the shoes for the year to the sneaks for the street
From the bottom of the well, where I start, here in Hell
Heavy rats all around, light a spark to repel
Where the shit they expect, either death or a jail
Hopin' God bringin' good in the sex or the mail
No respect in my home cause my sex is male
So my mom and my sis just expect me to fail
So I lay in my zone with a hand full of pills
And belief that my death could negate how I feel