Freshy Ramone - I Love It, Beloved (Ft. Skinner) Lyrics

Id love to rap with y'all a second bout this life that I live
Where shit get crazier each day but that's the price that ill give
To show the world and all who live in it that love is the truth
But I don't even love myself a typical hypocrite
Id live to ask my baby mother would you marry me girl
But forgiveness is a mother ain't enough in this world
And to be honest marriage ain't enough to fix what we had
If you don't care then I don't care we gone need more than rehab
I love blame both of my parents for the issues I have
When its apparent i'm a parent now I should understand
That they were probably fighting demons too the though made me sad
I love to point the pointer finger love to dwell on the past (Is that bad?)
{Skinner}-I think I love you x4
{Freshy}-I think you know what I mean x4
(Verse 2)
I love to hate when hateful niggas win and real niggas lose
I love to show what its like to walk a mile in the shoes
Of a creative mastermind with a flow so berzerk
But be yah own worse nightmare the gift and the curse
I love to claim the pussy my pussy like its mine to claim
Dun been a pussy over pussy I ain't saying no names
Dun treated pussy like its nothing but a toy or a thrill
When in reality the pussy is the reason we here
I love to walk I love to talk I love to live with my faults
I love to see my baby smiling when we walk in the park
Cause when I look at her I see a younger version of me
To be blind to the evils must be something to see
I love to travel back in time to meet my earlier self
To tell em life is gone be nothing like you thought and then melt
Now if you thought this verse was bout you boo you got it all wrong
Depression is what im telling you I love in this song (Hold on)