Gangville gugangg - Caulk the boat Lyrics

I used to hear these
Voices in my head trynna talk to me
I'm putting up a
Against everybody, won't even talk through the
Chalk and street, caulk the boat, made of Christmas trees
Never cared about no skins and tees, just let 'em sleep
I spray Febreze to get 'em up ready and wayward fleas
They eating
Me daily, bees, coming up as they please
Trying to walk all over me I can't stop 'em I got backwards knees
Don't know if I'm allergic to 'em yet
So I'm lethurgic to a check
If they be lurking better bet
That I be skirting, better yet
I got a purpose to repent
I'm not the first place with wetter ret-inas
But I'm the worst case to letterhead
Cuz I'm better dead