Goose the Guru - Ask Me Lyrics

Chasing money, getting to it, yeah it's nothing to it
Call me Goosie, you know I keep it movin', yeah
Operation get the money, niggas acting funny
I'm in the mansion with a snow white bunny, yeah
What she think it is, get it how you live
I represent for my kids, gotta get it for my motherfuckin'
Friends, in the ghetto never to see light again, yeah
You ain't my friend, you just my enemy
Crawling like a centipede, getting money and getting bank
Smoking Swisher's and rolling dank, nigga rolling like soldier tanks
Yeah, fresh with my tank top
Tats showing niggas, already know the banks locked
Laughing to it, getting to it, I'm so exclusive
Goosie Goosie, yeah I do it, probably with ya' boo, bitch
Uh, and you smell like a boo bitch
This is originial plastic throwback, like Fubu bitch
[Hook x3]
I'm goin', goin', goin'
[Verse 2]
Straight to the top, you can ask me anything you'd like
By the end of the night, I'ma get it right
Goosie baby, I'm probably with ya' lady riding in Mercedes
Since my daddy got one, I made up my mind I gotta cop one
Shout out to the hustlers riding muscle cars
With the low mufflers, get it bruh'
Shawty got the pancakes sitting in the S, look like muffins, uh
I'ma have to get some things, giving all the ? bruh'
Bouncing through your city streets, bitches acting Sadidian hoe
Niggas already know I'm a pro, so I'ma go 'head and get the dough
Tripping off of you fuck niggas, I ain't looking at these hoe bitches
They just wanna get rich nigga, I'm on my own dick, nigga
No homo, you Tony Romo
I'm more like T.O., with a ego, uh