Hardy Caprio - Wifey Riddim Lyrics

It's crazy
You know people always have something to say
But they don't even know where man's coming from
Never been perfect but hand on my heart I tried
But somebody lied
Maybe it's tv programs will they ever show man
Life ain't how it's described
Every other year since I hit year 8
Somebody died
Somebody went and took a different road
And a kid went rogue and the grown ups wish that somebody tried
You'll never know till you have somebodies eyes
I look through my own two, walk with my own two, stand on my own two
Niggas can't say "I know you"
I go through every day life no complaints
I just say I had to go deep
Please don't take it the wrong way
I'm in a one way read the signs I need peace of mind
I ain't been online
I'm not happy with the cars until I got Ps on mine
Throw it all into the bank, get it
Send a ball into Milan
I don't want to be this year's Malcolm X
You should already know what I'm out to get
The sixteenth letter of the alphabet
You look the part and make sound effects
I was going out thirteen steps in a four level flat
And I know that shit cah I counted
Fifty two and I still did the shuffle I'm bout it
Tell man 'low it
They ain't never read letters with red letters that didn't get pressure
I hope to God that it would get better
I was out on road even in wet weather
I already told em
Drop me out of the passa
Ain't gone clear so I won't go Napa
In the left side of my best friend's ride
No chitter and chatter, I just want to live it and stack up
Didn't ever see this coming when I was thirteen but I'm on it so
It don't matter
Never done a glitter and glamour, just want to put these lyrics on camera, listen
I'm like the council estates that I lived in
I got stories, running from the top floor straight to the ground floor
To the bus stop then I hopped out the bus to the Morley's
Parents call me, well I air them calls cause
I didn't wanna hear them war me
I was in a ignorant state of mind, behaving poor, all night poorly
I was in a middle class school but I know for a fact that my parents didn't vote Tory
Came on straight and bounce, fuck that way man I wanna get pounds
Never gave weed any of my attention, never even gave it an ounce
I put my hand in one or two baskets, then I went and got a slam dunk in the council
When I say grimy, I don't mean skates and boards, I don't mean weights and doors
Everybody break some laws, yeah I should have been staying indoors
Instead of me playing with fraud
But I could have been worse, it could have been worse
I could've cared 'bout hood status
Kept that grime from funky house, I should really have a migraine now
Good gracious
Hood famous, now I wanna get paid though
No questions no I smoke for the radio
I just wanna get to the top like Kano
I don't care if that thot's got a halo
Man ain't gonna wife that, or get sidetracked
Cause they send 100 emojis
I just sent them a 100 emoji
Cause they only give a fuck when they lonely, fuck 'em
They weren't there on my nights in black
Hope that song has a right impact
Fans want grime so I might detract regardless I'm gonna put my life in tracks
I'm writing, so I'm not writing back
Go take time for your writing cats
If it's H-A-R-D then its from H-A-R-D, you can have the Y with that
Straight from the south of the river, hold up
Croydon town for the winners, hold up
Still get aroused by the figures, hold up
They say "it's your time now", no hold ups
Straight from the south of the river, hold up
Croydon town for the winners, hold up
Man need a house and a villa, hold up
They say "it's your time now, what's the hold up?"
I, I, I, will never be the same, same, same
It wasn't how I'm raised, raised, raised
But that's the way it changed, changed, changed
I hope you can find me
Wherever I am
I hope you can find me
This part wasn't in the plan