Hare Squead - Baeboo Lyrics

You lie a lot babe
Said you lie a lot babe
Make me cry a lot babe
You lie a lot babe
Tellin them that you be staying home
But you be out a lot babe
Tellin me that you be feeling low
But you get high a lot babe
You got me so sprung up
Even though....
Even though you’re bossy yeah
But you’re saucy yeah
Hella flossy yeah
So glossy yeah
I can accuse you baeboo, baeboo
When you drop it like that whoa
When you pop it like that whoa
(Tony Konstone)
I dream of softer palates, holding my thoughts and habits, Cheshire might talk to Alice, hoping my thoughts are valid
Finish what we started off yeh
I know you can't handle this
The lavalish
You holding the loving part handle bit
And heavens got hella room so you can hit the high notes
Shawty wanna say what I know
My baby really make me feel strong